Thank you for your interest in the pastoral internship program at the Kathmandu Community Baptist Church!

This program is designed to equip aspiring pastors,  evangelists and church leaders from with education, training and ministry opportunities. For eleven months, we unveil regular, day-to-day pastoral life and provide our interns with a biblical, ecclesiological grid for doing the work of ministry. We give our interns the opportunity to observepastoral ministry, studysound doctrine and engagein the life of the church.


A critical and often overlooked aspect of pastoral training consists of observing experienced pastors and church leaders carry out ministry, having the freedom to ask questions and consider the real, day to day labor that  makes up pastoral ministry. KCBC’s  pastoral interns will be immersed in  the life of the church, attending staff meetings, elders’ meetings, all public services of the church, staff reading and prayer times, weddings, funerals, conferences, as well as weekly service reviews, and Kathmandu Valley Pastors Meeting. In addition to observing church life, KCBC interns will spend much of their time engaging in conversation with pastors and church members. 


Much of the interns’ time is spent reading and interacting with subjects like systematic and biblical theology, pastoral leadership, counseling and spiritual formation. As interns sharpen their reading skills, they also grow in their ability to write and discuss these important topics with others. Additionally, interns are taught how to develop sermon  outlines  of  their own, and receive practical training in preaching and teaching.


Interns are fully engaged in the community life of the church. Among other things, they attend Home Groups, assist with general office administration at KCBC and Gospel Publication, participate in new member interviews, attend lunches with pastors, leaders and other church members, and possibly lead worship services, teach and preach.


We endeavor to provide long-term ministry encouragement for the brothers who come through the internship program.  In  addition  to  intentional  weekly correspondence, advice and care, we also provide each intern with a library of more than 30 books and other resources that will be a long-term ministry encouragement.


KCBC offers the internship program once a year to Four or Six men. The program lasts approximately eleven months, from late-January  through  November. We welcome applications from men from everywhere who are aiming at pastoral ministry and who are able to affirm the KCBC church covenant and statement of faith.

If you are interested to apply for this program, kindly email us at Thank you!